ECTN is another form of a waiver document and standsfor Electronic Cargo Tracking Note.You may have heard about Bordereau de Suivi Cargaison (BSC) or Loading Certificate that is the same as the ECTN document.

These waiver certificates are an official marine documentthat contains information relating to the cargo and its movement between ports.Certain African countries require this from shippers intending to effectivelycontrol, supervise, and manage import/export traffic of the country. Each ECTN must be applied and validated at the loading port and are fundamental for the import customs clearance upon arrival. Cargoes not covered by a valid ECTN willbe blocked by the local Customs until the presentation of the final ECTN and an appropriate fine will be charged.

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Ahlers China provides ECTN(Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) for cargo going from China to Africa

· Being an authorized agent ofthe Shippers Council for the Republic of Congo, Benin, and Burkina Faso, AhlersChina provides ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note) for the cargo, going fromChina to the above-mentioned countries. These waiver certificates are requiredto effectively control, supervise, and manage import/export traffic to thecountry.

· Waiver documents have fulldetails of the exporter/ importer, shipping method (containerized, groupage,etc), type and value of goods being transported, name of the vessel, and costof freight for the shipment. These waivers are dealt with by the importer orexporter and must be filed before the cargo arrives at its port of discharge.

· In order to avoid any issueswhich may be caused by the absence of ECTN (such as cargo suspension,demurrage, detention..) it is highly recommended that an appropriate party takes care of ECTN provision in advance.

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The respective shippercouncil per country can be found by the following links: